Anthology: Work Musings, Just Jot It January, The Daily Post's Daily Prompts
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Work musings: Boyfriend

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At a cafe with my client waiting for our takeaway drinks…

Client: Can I have a brownie please?

Me: Erm.. Why don’t you buy a brownie for yourself?

Client: I don’t have enough money.

Me: Well, I can’t give you one of mine because I got it for someone. Maybe next time you should bring a little more money so that you can get a brownie and a drink.

Some time passed…

Client: Who have you bought the brownies for?

Me: My boyfriend! He likes brownies.

Client: Which one?

Me: *cries/laughs* I only have one!

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompts: Conversation; Just Jot It January 2018: Drama

Photo by Chiara Pinna on unsplash

Currently, I am working as a child therapist and on this occasion when this conversation took place, we were having a little excursion to the cafe to practise some life skills. These children are amazing and they always add a dose of laughter (and lots of drama) to my day! ❤


  1. Haha! Children do say the darnedest things. 😀 Bless you for your work. Two of my kids have gone through life skills programs. 🙂
    Thanks so much for participating in Just Jot It January, Alice! 😀


    • ikr! what a delight they are too!
      oh i would love to hear about your experiences 🙂
      thank you to YOU for organising Just Jot It January and for stopping by x


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