Just Jot It January, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie's Writing Prompt
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Forbidden spell

Collage 40


“Use what talents you possess… The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sung best.”

She was young and she was reckless. Wanting to please her dad, she had listened to the advice of her equally hot-headed older brothers. It did not seem like a bad idea anyway to find a servant of her own.

To find someone naive to comply to her requests, she had travelled all around the world till she met Aeris. A breath of fresh air the other girl was, and together they spent many hours in the forest collecting all the pieces they needed for the spell. Tiny deformed black tulips from the Forest of Purple Illusions; blades from the Golden Fan found in King Alfonso III’s grave; and glass shards stained with their blood.

If only she had deliberated more on the plan, she would have realised that the Royal Librarian had lied to her. That unfortunate day, she had followed his instructions to a t. Dancing to the radio static during a thunderstorm, she and Aeris had performed the forbidden spell. Two became one; she awoke in Aeris’ body, the latter existing as a little voice in the head. Distressed, she tried to unravel the spell but instead, she would be caught by the angels, her existence sealed by a cross necklace.

Hell would then experience a mutiny, events triggered because she, the Princess of Hell, was trapped on Earth.


Prequel to Web of Darkness and Monsters



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