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#writephoto Farewell


She had always liked the view overlooking the snowy mountains so he was not surprised when she had suggested it. In fact, he was more than happy to be there with her on her final journey. As they sat in silence watching the sunset, he could not help but miss her usual chirpy self. How nice it would be if they could have one more silly argument about the cleanliness of his car or about the way she liked to drench her sushi with soy sauce.

Taking a deep breath, he raised his glass and made one last toast.

“Farewell, my beautiful wife,” he whispered into the wind.

As he walked back to their holiday cottage, he scattered the ashes, anticipating for the moment they would meet again.


Prompt photo: Thursday photo prompt – Distant #writephoto

Forbidden spell

Collage 40


“Use what talents you possess… The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sung best.”

She was young and she was reckless. Wanting to please her dad, she had listened to the advice of her equally hot-headed older brothers. It did not seem like a bad idea anyway to find a servant of her own.

To find someone naive to comply to her requests, she had travelled all around the world till she met Aeris. A breath of fresh air the other girl was, and together they spent many hours in the forest collecting all the pieces they needed for the spell. Tiny deformed black tulips from the Forest of Purple Illusions; blades from the Golden Fan found in King Alfonso III’s grave; and glass shards stained with their blood.

If only she had deliberated more on the plan, she would have realised that the Royal Librarian had lied to her. That unfortunate day, she had followed his instructions to a t. Dancing to the radio static during a thunderstorm, she and Aeris had performed the forbidden spell. Two became one; she awoke in Aeris’ body, the latter existing as a little voice in the head. Distressed, she tried to unravel the spell but instead, she would be caught by the angels, her existence sealed by a cross necklace.

Hell would then experience a mutiny, events triggered because she, the Princess of Hell, was trapped on Earth.


Prequel to Web of Darkness and Monsters



Lovers share a silhouetted bicycle ride, hands reaching out to each other


10. Carbonara with your secret recipe

9. Always leaving me the last piece of food in case I want it

8. Buying me my favourite ice-cream whenever you stop to pump petrol

7. Watching k-drama or c-drama with me

6. Whenever you get excited and introduce new books to me

5. Us cooking together

4. Our silly banter

3. Our walks down the beach and enjoying the moonlight

2. Your little smile whenever you spot me in the crowd

1. You


The way my brain does a revolt around you; this whirlwind of emotions.

I’ve fallen in love.


Photo by Everton Vila on unsplash




Smooth as a new laid egg, the way the fountain pen flowed on a piece of paper was exactly how the sales assistant described it to be. Excited, he clipped the pen to the inner pocket of his suit and smoothed any creases with a nervous laugh.

“You’ll be fine,” his best man reassured, “Just be yourself!”

“Easy for you to say. Can you double check that you have the ring?”

“For the nth time, yes. We should leave now or we’ll be late!”

They never got to the church and the only document signed was a death certificate.


Photo by John Jennings on unsplash

Prompt: January 11 Flash Fiction Challenge: Wet ink

Coffee and Tea



“Best thing to wake up to!” you had exclaimed many dusks ago of the smell of roasting coffee beans, “what a delight to the senses.”

And every evening, without fail, you would mention how much you loved the fresh cup of coffee I brewed for you. We would sit under a shared blanket, warming up by the fireplace, exchanging jokes and stories of our day. It felt like we could stay like this forever.

Yet, when the snow melted and the flowers started to bloom, you suddenly told me you had always preferred tea. Leaving as quickly as you had come while silly me held onto the belief that we had a connection just because we shared moments. Still, it did not sink in till I walked pass a random cafe one day. There you were with the flavour of the month, sipping on a cup of tea over a plate of melting moments.

Our moment was over. And the flavour of your tea would change with every season.

We were nothing in your game of love.


Photo by MorgueFile

Prompt: Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner 2018 #2 

The girl with the downcast smile


For as long as he can remember, he has felt loneliness and a strong sense of urgency. When is she coming? The girl with the downcast smile. In desperation, he reaches out but all he can feel is either emptiness in the gentle wind or the moistness of the soil.

He still recalls the soft hands and soothing voice.

“I will come back for you,” she had cried out on that fateful day, “I promise.”

He had tried to reply but his transformation had already begun with the twirl of her wand.

“This will keep you safe till I fight them off.”

That was many years ago – too many to count. Now he can only wait. She will come; he hopes.

(122 words)


Photo by Fandango.

Prompt: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge #149

Charred ends



The air feels stale and the smoke is suffocating. With the burning of the forests, the City of Concrete has been expanding at an exponential rate. Being poisoned by the metals, the population of wood nymphs has drastically decreased. She tries to hold on for as long as possible, putting the little ones to their forever sleep, before she too has to go. Yet, with every second, her reality is fizzling out and along with it, her sanity.

As she lies down on the trunk for a rest, she cannot help but reminisce on the happier moments – the times when everyone would be running around happily helping the earthlings with their harvests or the times when they would dance and party around the Tree of Life. But those days are over. Soon, they will be remembered only as characters in a folk tale, stories told at bedtime to amuse little children.

The neglected forests.

The forgotten people.

She tears a little as she thinks about what could have been if the City of Concrete did not exist. Maybe it is time for her to sleep too.

Photo by mariyaolshevska

Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Sunday Writing Prompt #236 “It’s All In The Title”

The Interview

A little boy in a formal suit holding a pink rose between his teeth


“What makes you good enough?”

“I… I make her laugh?”

“Are you asking me if you can make her laugh?”

“No, sir! I make her laugh and… ” the teenage boy paused for a few seconds, “she says that I make the best chocolate cake!”

“Well, I guess having a baker in the family is not too bad.”

(280 characters)


Photo by Frank Mckenna on unsplash (photo probably doesn’t fit too well but it is too cute to resist 🙂 )

Twittering Tale #66 – The Interview


Twilight dance

Couple in silhouette kisses atop a rocky hill, a city and sunset pictured in the background


The light and the dark
They are a special pair
One birthing a forest
Another freezing it in time
Their differences most illuminated at noon
A time they feel the furthest from each other

Twilight, a fleeting moment
When their differences vanish
Their special moment they call it
And dance they will
Two souls undulating to the setting sun
Their love a secret to the world


Photo by Charlie Hang on unsplash

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Undulate