Several-part stories

This is a listing of stories who belong in the same universe.

A Tale of Two Cultures

A little scarred. Very much skeptical. A lot of doubts. That is her.

A little charming. Very much down-to-earth. A lot of understanding. That is him.

Together, they form an unlikely couple, having an extraordinary relationship.

Prequel: The crumbling facadeThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Because she is a goddamn warrior.

Good morning, beautiful

The red string of fate

A tale of two cultures


In no particular order:

The first time I saw himWhen he cooks | You are home | My personal heater AKA Mr Boyfriend


The List | Soft is her smile

Star-crossed lovers

One person to change it allBang Bang, my baby shot me down | Pick me. Choose me. Love me.


For her broken heart | But you will never know

Futuristic world

Her child will have a name. Not a number. | Will the future really set us free?