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#writephoto: Blood red roses




Immediately, she hops back onto her bed, away from the scorching floorboards. A chill runs down her spine as she realises it is only noon. She should be asleep till dusk.

A warm gust of air.

“It cannot be,” she cries out as a certain fragrance hits her nose. Grabbing her thick coat, she inches closer to the small lattice window and peers out.

Blood red roses.

Just outside her window and beyond, the roses have bloomed overnight. The icy forest once so dead of life has come alive, dark green foliage with a canopy so dense that she can hardly see the forest floor. Gone are the cawing crows with their piercing gazes; instead the enchanting birds of every colour are back, greeting their master with their birdsongs.

Their master.

He is coming home – well ahead of schedule. She needs to do something.



#writephoto Photo Prompt: Window


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  2. Oooh, I need to know more! Who’s the Master? Why should she be asleep until dusk? Is she a vampire? Questions and more questions!


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