Prompt: Bar-A-Thon
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Tiny shoes

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This was not how it was supposed to be.

One moment she was happily strolling down the street, and the next, she had collapsed on the ground in tears, blood dripping down her legs.

A tap on her shoulder and she was lifted onto her feet to a nearby seat. She heard gentle voices directed at her but she was unable to process anything. All she could think of were the cute little shoes she had just bought. Hugging the shopping bag closely to her chest, she released loud sobs that filled the air.

Those shoes would never be worn again.

This was not how it was supposed to be.



Day 5: Tiny Shoes




    • thank you cathy for your kind words 🙂 it broke my heart while writing this tbh, probably because of Hemmingway’s lovely 6-word story. thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend


  1. I am always thoroughly inspired by this six word story attributed to Hemmingway. Your use of it as a prompt for your story works really well, it’s full of emotion and heartbreak. Great job.

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