Prompt: Bar-A-Thon
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Stranger than fiction

Image credit: Milada Vigerova 


Logic says one would leave a relationship once it has become unhealthy and toxic. Yet, love knows no logic.

He liked to hang out all the time.
She did not realise that it was his way of isolating her till he was the only person she could depend on.

He started to call her names and put her down in every unthinkable way ever.
She did not realise he was a narcissist, his every belittling an elevation of himself.

He pushed her boundaries every single day and said it was to see how much she loved and would accept him.
She did not realise his “sorry” and “I wouldn’t do it again” were all lies because tomorrow would be the same.

Reality is stranger than fiction.

Was it wrong to believe that he would turn back into the prince charming he had been when they first met? Walking away would have been much easier if hearts were not meant to be broken.



Day 1: Stranger than fiction


  1. mandibelle16 says

    She needed to leave, get out of there. He was never who he pretended to be at first, great write 🙂


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