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White chocolate is fake chocolate

Image credit: Amy Treasure

“You said you wanted 42 candles and not a chocolate mudcake right?”

“Should I be worried?”

“She got a white chocolate mudcake with 12 candles.”

“We really can’t trust her with birthday cakes.”

“Well, at least she didn’t drop it this time.”


  1. I can’t stand white chocolate. I think if someone came bearing a white chocolate cake to me for my birthday I would be happy if they dropped it. 🙂


    • haha! same here 😛 this was actually based on a real-life incident (and yes i was the one who got the white choco mudcake + 12 candles) so i tried the cake and seriously, i wished i didn’t


    • oh we all have different tastes 🙂 i actually grew to like the darker stuff more – hated the bitterness initially. thank you for reading!


    • … and i’ve done it oh too often that my friends rather I not touch the cake at all! thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it(:


  2. Heheh that sounds like something my mother would have done when she was frantic to get everything right. Nice little micro! 😊


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