Shapeshifting writing challenge
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We found love at a “kaiten-zushi”

File:Rotating sushi bar by strollers.jpg

Image credit: strollers

Sneaking glances when the other was looking; blushing like a tomato whenever eyes met.

Excited whispers over the menu; squeals of delight upon tasting some delectable dishes.

The other customers had to think we were silly but it did not really matter.

After all, we found love at a “kaiten-zushi“.

Sweet love.

Do you like sushi? I absolutely adore it. It is a must-have every few weeks. ❤


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  1. The most complex restaurant with this concept we ever visited was in Japan, near Yokohama.
    Their “conveyor” was actually a stream that ran through the restaurant, and the food floated down from the kitchen in little boats.

    When it reached your room, a little water jet would shoot up in front of it an stop the boat, and the staff would pull the boat out of the stream and serve.

    Tres cool, but complex mechanical systems probably break down a lot.


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