Anthology: Encounters, Prompt: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
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Stairway to Hell

Image credit: Louise (The Storyteller’s Abode)


Every step she took with a heavy heart. She almost wished that it was a never-ending flight of stairs just so that she would not be the bearer of bad news. He had always been fiery and she could not imagine the destruction if he exploded with his blood magic unleashed without control.

“Savius, I’m afraid he had passed.” She braced herself, saying the dreaded words when she finally reached the top.

She expected grief, anguish, and maybe tears. With Savius though, she should have known better; predictable was not a term anyone would describe him with.

His smile was one she could no longer recognize.

“I guess you didn’t realize I killed him.”

No, he was becoming someone she could not recognize anymore.


Written in response to FFfAW #56



  1. Oh hells yes! Man, that speaks so many volumes for both characters. Now I’m curious who “passed”. Got me hanging on the edge of my phone waiting for more


  2. I think maybe it’s time she got as far away from Savius as possible! Great tension in the build-up and a brilliant twist at the end. Very nicely done. 🙂


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