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Is it that hard?

Image credit: Ronaldo Arthur Vidal


Marker in hand, a huge smile decorating her face, she waited expectantly, unware of the struggle within you.

“Alice. Thanks.”

You definitely felt like an Alice today.

“Sorry but how do you spell that?”

Guess it is time for another coffee name.


  1. Good to see a new piece! Short and sweet, felt a little bitter as well. Like the passing of time and stuff. But then again, I might not be reading deep enough into it this time around.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. rubybastille says

    I have a friend who used to make up ridiculous names for restaurants and such – I never thought of picking a name according to how I felt that day! This was a fun piece but I felt like the verb tense didn’t quite line up – present tense might suit it better. I also like how “struggle” could cover a big range of emotions – on my first read, I thought of it as the struggle to come up with a good joke, but on my second it felt much darker, like she was analyzing how she wanted to be seen that day.


    • thank you so much for spotting an issue with the tense! now that you mentioned it, i used two different types accidentally 😐

      i guess for me, i always struggle coming up with coffee names at times, like i would think of a name and wonder if it fits me and all… thank you so much for reading and hope you’re having a great week x


  3. Hehe I have never used a different name for coffee, but I have had many a one butchered when I accidentally say Melony (I try to stick with Mel for ease). I get a lot of Mallorys. Haha


    • haha! coffee names aren’t too good an idea at times when you forgot what you called yourself 😛 hope you’re having a great week x


    • it’s really fun until you forget what you give as a name 😛 i usually try to stick with the same one these days (keyword: try :P) hope you’re having a great week x


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