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The paramour

“Aren’t they pretty? John tried to surprise me with them!”

She winced as her best friend held up a familiar looking pair of stockings, a reminder of her recent car tryst with the latter’s husband. Guilt soared in her. Momentarily. She smiled.



  1. I forget those kind of stories can crop up from anywhere! Thanks for the well written reminder!

    Also, just a quick hint but might want to be on the lookout on my blog within the next 48 hours 😉


  2. Reminds me of the two guys in the gym locker room. One guy pulls on a hot pink lace thong.
    His buddy looks at him askance and says “How long you been wearing those?”
    First guy replies “Ever since my wife found them in the glove-box of my car!”

    Nice story, with a twist!


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