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It is a risk. Climbing the gate during school hours and hanging out at the rooftop. Yet, adrenaline is pumping through him. He has been invited to hang out with the cool gang and he is not going to let this chance go.

“Have you tried this?” Peter, the leader, swings an arm around his shoulder.

“No.” He shakes his head, a little scared since he has heard stories. “Is it nice?”

“It makes you a man!” The other exclaims to everyone’s grunts of agreement.

Maybe it is peer pressure; maybe it is curiosity. He is excited to see where this might bring him. Taking the cigarette, he takes a deep breath only to choke on the smoke. Immediately, everyone reaches out to give him a pat on the back and his head starts to spin from all the different voices. It gets harder and harder to concentrate on what they are saying. His world is so filled with colours as shapes get distorted.

“It’s cool!” Even his voice sounds like a cross between growl from a bear and a roar from a lion.

To hell with listening to adults and their orders. If this is what happens on the rooftop everyday, he is sticking with his new friends for sure.


Disclaimer: definitely not advising anyone to try drugs 🙂

Written in response to Wordle #116 and Day 92 of 100-Day Writing Challenge

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  1. There must be a long line ofqu druggies who start like this. The finish is the question. The Bible speaks of “pleasures of sin for a season.” What is the harvest?


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