Photo-Fiction Challenge, Writing challenge: emotions
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Heaven’s tears


I’m no longer loved by you
nor am I needed by you
And in this way, I’ll be all alone
What did you say back then?
The words that didn’t reach me hung in midair
Even though I know it, today, I’ll still make
a wish that won’t come true
– Departures ~ A song of love for you~ (Guilty Crown)


Why did you leave me? I thought you loved me?

His heart bleeds as he nears the site of her suicide. He does not understand. That morning, she had kissed him goodbye and said those precious three words before he left for work. She had always seemed so happy. So why? Why would she have jumped off this bridge that afternoon?

How deep is this water? Was she scared? Did she cry?

Would he die if he jumps from this bridge too? He just wants to be with her. So much. He misses her. So much.

Fool. I must have been.

He had to have missed the signs. He should have been more caring, taken her out on more dates, came home earlier each night… Why didn’t he do it earlier? Maybe that’s why it is raining. The heaven is probably crying for him. A wish for the return of a person he cannot bring back despite all these regrets. All this pain.

I am sorry. I am sorry for not realising your pain.

Written in response to Photo-Fiction #21 and Day 93 of 100-Day Writing Challenge



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  2. mandibelle16 says

    I had a poem about a similar incident last week. I think you always wonder what you could have done or said. But you can’t be inside another person’s head. Many people do this and they suffer from mental illness or maybe they are desperate. I don’t think you can ever understand it unless we are in their place and see awful they are feeling. Living is hard and people break. I feel horrible for the guy. But it seems like he was doing everything right; but he can’t control what she thinks or does. It’s not a reflection on him, it’s something within her she couldn’t fight. Great job. As you can see this envoked much emotion from me. 🙂


    • There were two such incidents recently and they left a deep impression. You’re right – we’ll never be able to understand what they’re feeling :/ and for the people left behind, the only thing to do is to move on.

      thank you for your kind words(: hope you’re having a good weekend x

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