Sunday Photo Fiction, Writing challenge: emotions
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Snowy secret

139 01 January 17th 2016

Image credit: Sunday Photo Fiction


“Must we go?”

“Oh sweetie, you know we have to.”

Letting out a huge sigh, she starred out of the window, willing the heavens to pour down more snow from its pearly gates.

Reluctance was an understatement. She never liked going to her grandparents’ place. She dreaded the visits. Few they might be, she would rather be anywhere else but there. The arguments her dad would have with them were loud and never-ending. Her mum would disappear into the bathroom frequently, only to emerge with bloodshot eyes. It was so unlike the visits her friends had talked about. Loving grandparents who would spoil her like crazy? More like ones who would treat her as an eyesore. And invisible when her male cousins were over too.

“But maybe we can give it a miss if it gets too dangerous for us to drive over.” Her mum whispered in her ear. “Let’s pray. It’ll be our little secret.”

Pray hard she did and she could not be more thankful when her dad announced that they would stay in for Christmas. A peaceful Christmas it would surely be this year.

Written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction and Day 90 of 100-Day Writing Challenge



  1. Oh, I could totally resonate with her. I dreaded going to my late paternal grandmother’s house too. Like her, being a girl, I was also invisible when my male cousins were around. I had to think of 101 excuses to avoid her house.


  2. Some grandparents are nice, these sounded more like mine. I banned my grandmother from my house when she refused to acknowledge my kids when they spoke to her. I think she should pray for snow every day 🙂


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