Prompt: 20 days of chill, Prompt: 3 words a day, Writing challenge: emotions
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Summer rain

Image credit: Mike Kotsch



Scorching heat. Perspiration running down her forehead, her cheeks, her arms and legs. Wet clothes sticking like second skin.

Sticky and smelly. Heatwaves and bushfires. She hates it. “It’s 10 degrees,” she would mutter repeatedly, imagining that it is winter instead.

On especially hot days, she love to stay indoors, enjoying the cooling air, watching her favourite TV program. And she loves it whenever rain is forecasted.

A break from the heat. Gentle breeze. She loves it. “Look! Look! It’s raining,” she would exclaim excitedly, dancing her happy dance.

Musty smell of soil. Soft pitter-patters on the roof. Little raindrops rejuvenating the plants.

Summer rain.


Written in response to 3words a day #13, 20 days of Chill Writing Challenge Day 7: Summer rain and Day 76 of 100-Day Writing Challenge


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