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Just 14 days

PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

Image credit: Melanie Greenwood



She thought she’d be happier when arriving. But when the plane touched down suddenly everything caught up with her again and all she wanted in that instance was being far away again. (Finish It! #46)

They’d ask if her boyfriend – you know the one they disapproved of – had become an ex; they would ask when she would finally grow up and find a job; they would ask a million questions, none that she would really want to answer.

Just 14 days and she would fly home, back into his arms. She just needed to wait out these 14 days. But a torture it would be.


Written in response to Finish It! #46 and Fridayfictioneers


  1. gahlearner says

    I guess many young people have to go through the family inquisition every once in a while. Too bad that she can’t enjoy the reunion. Good story.


  2. Great story. Parents can be very judgemental when looking for their child’s best interest, however, often times they are wrong…the two people involved know the real story. They have to make the decision themselves if the relationship is worth it. I experienced the negative remarks from my parents when my husband and I were about to get married….we made our own decision and have now been happily married for going on 52 years.


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