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One Day Like This

Image credit: Shane Perry

What made me behave that way?
Using words I never say
I can only think it must be love
Oh anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day

– One Day Like This, Elbow


It is nice, isn’t it? Lying here half awake enjoying dawn; your radiance is making me stumble over my every word. “I miss you”, “I love you”: words that have never left my mouth till I met you. You make my world brighter with every smile, my steps lighter with every kiss.

My dear, you have taught me a precious lesson about love. And possession. You promised to be mine, and mine only, so why do you run into his arms? Why do you change your phone number? Why do you move to another town?

Mine, you will be forever. I will love you more than anyone else. So stay here on this bed, these ropes to protect you while I’m gone. You’ll be safe here. He will only break your heart, but I will treat you like a queen.

Oh queen of my heart, please don’t cry. One day like this and you will be addicted. Feel here, my heart only beats for you. Stay here with me; this is now your home. Mine, you will be forever.

Written in response to FFF26 with the song below as the prompt. It went the opposite direction to what I was planning to write about.


    • 😛 it was going down the sickening sweet path at first so i decided to change it a little… next i know, that was what you read! thank you~ glad you enjoyed it 😀 happy new year to you and your loved ones ❤

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      • Richard P. says

        Hey, that’s kinda like how some of my writing goes. Maybe you took a bit of it from all the ones I’ve written? Nah, just kidding. Enjoy your new years and hope everything is fun, fantastical and enjoyable for you and those around you 🙂


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