Prompt: Friday Fictioneers, Writing challenge: emotions
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Neglected kitty

Image credit: Scott L. Vannatter


“Silly humans,” He scoffs.

They are all rushing around, putting up streamers or losing the scissors and tape among the wrapping papers. And this is why he hates Christmas. He is royalty, his great-great-great-great grandmother the royal cat of Cleopatra VII, and yet, here he is, ignored whenever December arrives. Simply outrageous! Even when he jumps on the table, no-one pays any attention at all.

Shall he tear those streamers or topple some bowls? He gives a little sigh. Time. His grandmother, the wise one, has always reminded him to be patient with humans. He can’t wait for January!

Written in response to Friday Fictioneers and Day 65 0f 100-Day Writing Challenge 



  1. Poor kitty is echoing the sentiment of many during this time of year! It’s fun but there is a lot of chaos and lots of things get ignored in the meantime.
    Fun story 🙂


  2. gahlearner says

    Very true, about time the staff got back to normal and took care of important things, like opening doors, filling food bowls, scratching ears… lovely story. 🙂


  3. or losing the scissors and tape among the wrapping papers – this is totally me. I spend more time looking for my tape and scissors than I care to say. Lovely little story. Cats are so like that. I love them for it. Happy New Year.


    • me too! i always put a few on the table just in case but they get lost among the wrappers too :S glad you like it! thank you for reading and happy new year!


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