MindLoveMisery's Menagerie's Photo Challenge, Writing challenge: emotions
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Great grandma

(Awarded 1st Place) Great Grandmother by SFC Lance Widner – Division 1 (Active Duty Military) CC BY 2.0

She smiles as the door opens. Her eyes may be failing but she is still able to differentiate her visitors by their footsteps. 

“Your great grandchild, mama. Mandy gave birth this morning!” Her daughter has just walked in, placing a small bundle on her lap. “Elizabeth Rosa Brown. She is named after you.”

If there is anyone else in the room, they will definitely see the twinkle in her eyes. Hands slightly shaking, she lifts the baby to have a better look. Beautiful, she thinks as she drops a kiss on little Elizabeth’s forehead. A little chuckle escapes from the tiny being, the most melodious sound she has ever heard. Slowly, little hands reach upwards to play with some of her loose hair strands. Her eyes getting moist, she thanks the heavens for the opportunity to meet her great granddaughter.


Written for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge #92 and Day 64 of 100-Day Writing Challenge


  1. clothespeggedpat says

    thank you so much for sharing your response to the photo challenge blackcherriess 🙂

    This is a tender, emotional and evocative piece – beautifully written with feeling and depth, the perspective and point of view almost like a very gentle and quiet sigh. Lovely!

    Cheers ~ Pat


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