Prompt: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Writing challenge: emotions
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Down the memory lane

Image credit: Etol Bagam


It has been many years since she has walked on this path but surprisingly, it looks just the same as she has recalled. Trees flanking next to the fences, she strolls in the light rain, listening to the rhythmic and melodious sounds as the raindrops hit her umbrella. From afar comes the laughter of several school children, and soon enough, they come running pass her. She smiles. Many years ago, she was just like them, chasing after her friends, competing to be the first to reach the bus stop. A wave of nostalgia sweeps over her and her footsteps quicken. Turning the last corner hurriedly, her smile widens and she calls out the names of the people she sees standing in front of the school gate. This will be a fun class reunion for sure!


Written for FFfAW #45 and Day 62 of 100-Day Writing Challenge


  1. Wonderful job in letting the reader feel her passion for the walk and the excitement and anticipation when she sees her friends and looks forward to the class reunion. 🙂


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