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The real reason why we broke up

Image credit: Yunomi

I had a bad dream
That I fell for you, who came back to me once again
That I accepted you, who just came back however you wanted


Haunting. This love.

Traces of him still linger around in her apartment. Perhaps she should take tomorrow off and move her furniture around. Grab some new plants and freshen up the place. Invite some friends over and cook a feast. Little steps; moving on.

She loves him. She still does.

There are so many questions she once wished to ask him, but none of them mattered any longer. While he can be a good friend, a good boyfriend he would not be, at least not to her.

Love isn’t a game. Yet, he plays it well.

If she is not a priority, she rather be nothing. Even if it means breaking her own heart. She will move on, this she knows. Till then, she may think of him from time to time – a sadness she can handle. There will come a day when this love is just a passing memory.

Inspired by Younha’s The Real Reason We Broke Up

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