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Au revoir to you

Image credit: .Axis.

For a prolonged time
I disliked, hated, loathed you
You were delicate
You were silly; you were weak
Made used of easily

I shoved you away
Not wanting to think about
Or to remember
Anything to do with you
I was silly, wasn’t I?

The hurt and the pain
Tears falling; uncountable
My unacceptance
My downfall; my undoing
A repeat of history

This time I embraced
You, myself, everything, and
The sky became clear
I learnt to accept, to love,
and – the key – to forgive you

Free; the chains breaking
Like a bird I soar, happy
The lesson you taught-
Priceless; Till we meet again
Au revoir to you – my past

Written for Day 10 of Writing 101: Poetry and Day 60 of 100-Day Writing Challenge



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