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Sins (3 poems)

Image credit: istock

Carrot-crazed rabbit

Walking deemed a sin
Pavement always tripping you
Running too tiring
So why don’t you hop instead?
Like a carrot-crazed rabbit

Image credit: Reuters


Crossing the mountains
If it brings me close to you

Bridges to be burnt
If it will stop others

Blood I will shed
If anyone stands in my way

Hell I will go
If this love be a sin

Image credit: here


At this spot you prayed
Your love to last forever
I hoped too; Until
A knife popped up, incising
Deep wounds on my skin and heart

Written for Day 6-8 of Writing 101: Poetry



  1. The poem is rather strong, at least for me. I read it and I think it can connect with a lot of people. I mean we have all been apart of feeling such strong emotions to a significant other, whether it be right or wrong.


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