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Image credit: Sylar113

Indecent, ignominious.
Her uneasiness
Increasing with every second.

Disconcerted, distressed.
His excitement
Rising with every second.

Unaware, unmindful.
Their lives
Passing with every second.

Delighted, Elated
For the bus
That comes this very second.

Motivated, Awaited
For his next prey
To come the next second.

Today, I had a much dreaded experience with an older guy at a bus stop outside the university (one of the busy streets too!). Looking back, I wish I had snapped a photo and reported him for sexual harassment but I was at a loss when it happened. Hopefully, I’ll never see him again.

Written in response to Day 3 of Writing 101: Poetry and Day 53 of 100-Day Writing Challenge



  1. compelling storytelling! I was on the edge of my seat. I’m glad you’re okay. One second is all it takes to turn a good night into a tragedy. Please do be careful.


  2. Oh blackcherriess, do be careful! You are too valuable to be lost so senselessly, I’m thankful that all resulted better rather than worse. *shuddering under mothering umbrella.


      • I hope so too. I once had a homeless(?) guy follow me around last summer, talk about terrifying! I ended up moving shortly thereafter, so I don’t see him anymore -thankfully.

        In happier news, my week is so far so good, thanks for asking. I hope you are also having a wonderful and relaxing week as holidays approach. 🙂


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