Music Mondays, Writing challenge: emotions
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Across the universe

Baek Yerin, one half of the duo 15&, has just debuted as a solo artist with “Across the universe” as her title track. I fall in love with this track the first time I heard it. Soothing vocals complimenting a mid-tempo track, I am definitely going to add this song to the playlist I listen to when I write ❤


When I wait for you alone
It’s like I’m on another planet
From here to where you are
How long will it take
I wonder but cannot imagine

Cold. It’s 8:30AM and it is quiet. 8 more hours of waiting and I am already wishing you will step through the door the next second. Rolling around in the sheets, I scoot over to your pillow. Your smell is like an aphrodisiac. Intoxicating. I smile, dreaming you are here with me.

Come over to me a little faster
It’s so dark here for me without you
Here I am with my arms wide open
Ready to hug you anytime

11:00AM. My stomach gives out a rather unappealing growl. If you are here, I’m sure you’ll be shaking your head, laughing. I emerge from underneath the sheets, unkempt. Biting my nails, I wonder what I should have. Should I cook? I’m too lazy. Maybe a sandwich then.

Come across the universe between you and I
Would you like to come over to me
Come across the universe between you and I
Fly over to me, don’t keep me waiting any longer

There is nothing on TV; my books have become a bore. The couch is my new solace, the dog lying beside me. Together, we stare out of a nearby window. Watching. Waiting. Hoping. 2:00PM. Soon. Our hearts beat a little faster whenever we see a white car driving by. I start to feel a little resentful towards your boss for making you work on a Saturday.

I’m waiting for you now
Baby I need you now
I’m waiting for you now
Baby I need you now

4:00P. I must have fallen asleep. Waking up to the dog nudging my arm, I hop onto my feet. I hear you driving into the garage, your loud music probably disturbing everyone in the neighbourhood.


Welcome home. I miss you.

Written for Day 45 of 100-Day Writing Challenge and Music Mondays #9





  1. hooklineandinkwell says

    Love this and the form…the deep inner thoughts with the unfolding of the day…brilliant


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