Prompt: Finish it, Writing challenge: emotions
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The last unicorn


Image credit: zerochan

She could not believe her eyes. How could it be? This must be a dream. Yes, she always wished for a pet unicorn but also knew that it was a silly wish. But there it was, standing in front of her. As real as it could be. Certainly she was dreaming… She slowly approached the beautiful magical creature and reached out to gently touch it.

“We believe it is the last one,” he had said when he had driven her into the area. She knew his job was to look after endangered animals but she did not expect caring for a unicorn to be part of his job description.

The unicorn nuzzled into her hand. She thought nothing more could surprise her but she was wrong. When it gave her hand a few licks, tracks of colours appeared before dispersing into the sky as shiny sparkles.

“Is this why people say unicorns vomit rainbows?!” She turned to him in astonishment.

“There is always some truth in urban legends,” He chuckled, “Happy anniversary, dear.” Wrapping his arms around her from behind, he watched, amused, as she continued to gush over the beautiful creature. Perhaps he should keep it to himself for now that it could speak.


Written for Finish it! #41 and Day 44 of 100-day writing challenge: Emotions


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