Anthology: Encounters, Writing challenge: emotions
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image credit: BaxiaArt


Their first meeting: a day he would never forget.

A chance meeting he would call it.

She was strolling down the dirt track, standing out against the tall slender trees with her bright red umbrella, an unusual colour for this part of the world. He was dashing down the same path, hurrying home to feed his chimera, when he spotted her.

“My name is A-Ares.” As he caught up to her, he nearly tripped on a tree branch when his nose caught a whiff of the seductive scent. Roses. Cherries. A smell he instantly knew he would never tire of.

“You like to fight?” The teasing nature of her words told him that she was just messing with her. He tried to figure out where she was from but he could not detect any pronounced accents.

Chuckling, he countered, “Perhaps only with feisty ladies who won’t tell me their names”

She met his eyes squarely. “Iris.”

Up close, he could not help but to let out a gasp from the sight of her beauty. Piercing icy-blue eyes; a long, aristocratic nose; plumped sensual lips. Like an exquisite flower.

“A fitting name for a beautiful lady.”

When her lips curled upwards, letting out a soft chuckle, he believed that their destiny was written in the stars.

Part of the Encounters anthology.

Chronologically arranged in terms of timeline

Prequel: KismetA dreaded assignmentAdrasteia

Written in response to Day 35 of 100-day writing challenge: Emotions and photo prompt from WriteWorld


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