Writing challenge: emotions
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This is wrong. When she looks at all the smiley faces, shining with happiness, how she wishes she can wholeheartedly congratulate her. She desperately wants this vacantness to disappear; she doesn’t want to be a mood killer.

From the start, it was a different trajectory for the both of them.

8 months ago, she received the same news as her. While the latter was elated, the former was devastated. Making the hardest decision of her life, she knew she would live with and through it.

Today, she thinks she is doing well; she has learned to stop crying when she sees little bundles of joy. Still, when she hears of her wonderful news, she cannot help the tears. And all she feels is


Written for Day 32 of 100-day writing challenge: Emotions



  1. Wandering Soul says

    Very well written and subtle . It takes a second to register what you are talking about. 🙂


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