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This isn’t love


Image credit: zerochan


6:00 AM

She awakes in cold sweat on the floor, her heart racing from her nightmare – the terror at being cornered by the man she knows so well.

“At least it is not reality,” She speaks aloud, trying to convince herself.

When did the nightmares first start, you ask? She does not recall, except it being a long time ago. But she remembers a young man who would travel a far distance just to get croissants for her from her favourite bakery.  She remembers a caring boyfriend who always made her smile whenever she was down. And, she remembers their first kiss, something she used to tease him about. He had caught her by surprise and it was more of a timid peck. But she can no longer laugh about those moments.

No. She would rather have nothing to do with him.

She would rather he be gone from this earth.


It’s not love, This isn’t love
It’s just your obsession
Wherever, Whatever I do
It’s frightening, The you who watches me


8:00 AM

Her mobile starts ringing as soon as the clock strikes 8. And she knows it is him. It is always him. One missed call; two missed calls; three… four…

Taking a deep breath, she answers. It’s now or never.

“H-hello?” her voice comes out shaken.

“You’ve finally answered, my love. You need to stop playing this hide-and-seek game with me.”

She feels herself trembling with fear. He is still the same, thinking that she is playing hard to get, that she wants him as much as he wants her. Has she not made it obvious again and again that she would rather he stay far away from her?

“John, we need to talk.” She needs to be strong.

“Oh my darling, we have so much to talk about. You should have answered my call long ago. Shall we meet at that new coffee place you went to yesterday? You like the cake there, don’t you?”


Have you gone crazy?
Why are you like this?
Please just leave me alone now
Seeing you is suffocating
Please disappear from my sight

10:30 AM 

Here she is, standing at the door of the coffee shop, the one she did not realise he was following her to yesterday. There he is, sitting at a table near the entrance, grinning from ear to ear and giving her a little wave.

Double checking that her taser is in her pocket, she gathers all the courage she can find and steps through the door. Today will be the day she will put an end to all of this.


Get lost
Just back off
I really can’t breathe
Wherever I go, Wherever I am
It’s frightening, The you who follows me

2:45 PM

A smile adorns her face. Now she just needs a dumping site. Thank goodness for his “love”, he was willing to follow her without asking any questions earlier. Now, he is lying in the car boot, all tied up and unconscious from being tasered. Further and further, she drives them away from the city.

He will be gone forever. Soon.

This ain’t right, This isn’t love
It just hurts me, don’t be like this
I loved you, But I don’t now
Erase me from your memory

6:00 PM

They are far away from any civilisation now. She is sitting quietly on the hood, listening to the soft thuds coming from the boot. The sun has started to set, lighting the evening skies with shades of orange, pink and red.

“Beautiful,” she whispers as she jumps off the car, “A beautiful end.”

Opening the boot, she takes a few seconds to take in the sight. The tables have turned. The him now is not someone she would be afraid of.

“I did love you. A long time ago…” Dropping a kiss on his forehead, she picks up the huge container by his head, pouring its contents all over him, the car and the area around. Upon seeing his violent reaction, she continues, “Trust me, this is best for the both of us.”

She walks a safe distance away before lighting a match and flinging it in the direction of the car. She is washed over by a sense of peace immediately.

Finally, she is free.

Song lyrics from and inspired by

Written for Day 29 and 30 of 100-day writing challenge: Emotions and Day 14 of Writing 101.


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