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If only he realised


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It’s been a month since he’d seen her the last time. They’ve spent almost the entire winter holiday together. In a country that was a long way from his. Then they kissed. They kissed often. And when he had to leave it almost broke him. She would be here in a couple of minutes. Not long now. But how would it be? What if their reunion wouldn’t be the way he was hoping for? What if the chemistry was no longer there? What if the fire was no longer burning?

The screeching tires alerted him to her approaching car. Smiling, he took a quick look of his hair in the rear-view mirror. Back then, she did not like it whenever he appeared scruffy. Those good times. Pumped, he could not wait to make even more unforgettable memories tonight. Memories to last a lifetime. Grabbing the bouquet of flowers from the passenger seat, he hopped out of the car. Excited he was for the moment when he would pull her into a tight embrace, drowning the both of them in a sea of kisses. Making up for lost time was definitely his highest priority.

Yet, his jaw dropped as the scene unfolded before him. Stepping out of the car first was a man, one who looked as though frowns were a part of him since birth. And, his beloved? She looked as though she had the worst day of her life. Black tears were running down her mascara-smeared face and off he was, hurrying to pull her far away from the intimidating-looking man. But he did not get that far. The other man got to him first and before he realised, he was sent flying in the other direction.

Don’t come near my wife again,” the man had snarled and gave him another punch in the stomach.

A quick glance in her direction confirmed his worst fears. A single tear made its way down his cheek as he watched her husband dragged her away, forever out of his life. The person he thought was his soulmate was married? Was that why she had always refused to meet him other than late at night in quiet areas? If only he realised that was a warning sign.

Wincing in pain, he curled up like a ball, heart shattering into a million pieces.

It was an unforgettable night indeed.


Written in response to Finish it #40, a blogging event whereby you are given the start of a story and have to finish it.


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