Writing challenge: emotions
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The red string of fate

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An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

– Ancient Chinese proverb

I wonder when it started.

We met in a chatroom filled with mutual friends. You made an impression but I thought you were just another guy.

Was it when you first texted me in private? You were charming. You were easy to talk to. You made me laugh.

Was it when we finally met face-to-face? I did not remember much to be honest, except that I was intimidated by your height. I recalled, very well though, my rambling self. And, I would never forgot your smile. Oh, and the fact that I paid because you were too slow 😛

Was it when we both realised that we would like to hang out again? And again? A hangout, a catch-up, and a follow-up. That was what I told my friends initially, and only much later did I realise that you were treating them as dates.

Was it when we went out to swim on that one windy night? We neither swam nor did we enjoyed any bit of the beach. You bought me to your favourite chocolate shop to lap up a cup of warm chili chocolate. While you were not watching, I took a photo of your side-view and sent to all my friends.

Was it when I found myself missing you? When I became the girl who keeps checking her phone for messages, the girl I said I would never become. You then told me you love me and my world exploded in colours.

Was it when I finally went to dinner with your family on Saturday? When it becomes a weekly event. When you then brought me to meet the extended family. When they consider me a part of your family.

Was it when I found myself sleeping over so often? You decided to upgrade your bed and even got me my own pillows. I even have my little corner to put my clothes, not that it really matters since I have been stealing your tops. And my cacti now has a space in your garden.

I wonder when it started.

The desire to spend the rest of my life with you.

Written for Day 25 of 100-day writing challenge: Emotions


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